The 2018 edition of the AcroGAME ended on this first week-end of August and saw 3 Supair athletes finish on the podium ! Quick recap of this competition which takes place every year in Spain.

Due to bac weather conditions forecasts, the qualifications had to take place a day before what was planned and were moved to Thursday. In the afternoon, it started raining, we had to wait for Friday to finally see the final stages of the competition !

In the "final battles", 3 Supair athletes were among the 4 semi-finalists : Horacio Llorens, Tim Alongi and Théo de Blic. During the finals and 3rd place battle, our athletes produced outstanding runs, allowing a 100% Supair podium !

1st place : Tim Alongi / 2nd place : Théo de Blic / 3rd place : Horacio Llorens

As if this was not enough, Tim Alongi also won the best trick award with a twisted infinity tumbling (keeping it twisted until the end)!

Horacio Llorens : "This year's level was insane, with a lot of new combinations and challenging tricks. The spectators had a blast, especially the acro community from Organya who enjoyed the high quality performance of the pilots. We hope to set up a live streaming next year to share the true spirit of the AcroGAME with you all!"

Photos : Laurent Merle Photography -