The new XC cocoon harness developed by our new crew !

At Supair, we designed products by making sure that high quality finishes are devoted to achieving a high level of safety and performance. We fly, but we are not super heroes ! That is why we strongly believe that real courage is all about being sincere, genuine and benevolent as well as paying close attention to pilots’ safety.

The Skypper 2, the latest harness from our new R&D team, “embarks” the very best of our savoir-faire. Higher level of passive safety, accessorisation, workmanship and comfort : the Skypper 2 is our “top of the line” harness ! There is an ocean of opportunity in the air … Embark on the Skypper 2 if you’re ambitious and willing to go on longer and further flights !

The most demanding pilots will like :

• Its great passive safety
Thanks to a thick foam protection (offering a more aerodynamic line than its predecessor), our Skypper 2 benefits from greater shock absorption. It is a reassuring harness, especially when flown with more performing gliders such as EN-B+ (like our STEP), EN-Cs and competition wings.

• Its comfort and steering precision
For better comfort on long flights, pilots will appreciate the stiff bakc rest of the Skypper 2. The frame has been entirely re-designed and improved for greater stability in roll.
The harness has every accessory a pilot could ask for: large capacity cockpit including a removable second rescue parachute pocket, Drag parachute pocket, storage pockets, wide seat plate and so on... Besides, a great number of possible adjustments allow an optimal adaptation to every pilot’s size.

• Its unique design and colourways
Its modern look marks a milestone for Supair in terms of design. To make sure that no one is left behind, the Skypper 2 will be available in 2 colourways : a clean and sober colour and a more « punchy » one for the more adventurous pilots !