The 2018 Acro Show took place at Villeneuve on August, 25th/26th and our team pilot Horacio Llorens won the evnet ! This victory allows him to become the 2018 Acro World Tour champion ! Let's learn more about this fantastic weekend with Horacio :

  • What does it feel to become the Acro World Cup champion ?

To be honest, I’m super happy to get back to the 1st position of the world cup rankings. As you know the level is really hard and we compete with incredibly talented pilots coming from all around the world. The last time I was in that 1st place was 5 years ago and I’ve been training super hard this year, especially this summer. I was training 5/6 hours every day at Organya and at the same time organizing projects and the AcroGame, having a lot of responsibilities. It was not easy but I love to do it ! I’m really really happy to be world cup champion again ! Thanks Supair for the support, it has been very important.

  • How did the AcroShow go ?

This weekend has been great; I started with 3 very nice battles in the qualifying round. I won 3 of them and finished 1st in my group which is good. I was confident during these runs and I flew very well but in the quarter finals I was against François Ragolski (world champion 2016). He is a very talented pilot and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I would have a chance to pass onto the next round. In the semifinals I battled against Victor Carrera who is an incredible pilot, going strong into his runs and now part of the RedBull team. I knew it would take an incredible run to win, I think I won thanks to my nice landing because our runs were very similar. The final battle against Rafael Goberna, my friend from Brazil, was amazing ! We jumped from the helicopter and did a lot of tricks. I did all of my best tricks altogether in one round and got 1st place. It has been a dream come true all weekend and with this win at AcroShow, I get the world cup again !

  • Tell us about your Supair gear

With Supair gear I get the best equipment in the paragliding market. Supair is doing the best work on harnesses that I have seen so far and I have been using it during my entire paragliding career. And now with the gliders I’m even happier ! I was flying the Acro3 at this competition and look forward to its successor ! I’ve been training with the Acro Base System at Organya because it is the safest acro harness in the market. I’m really satisfied with the equipment.

  • Any projects in the near future ?

Now I’m going to Turkey for the SEARCH project with Tom de Dorlodot and I will be bringing my XC gear : Delight 3 harness, WILD (EN-D) & STEP (EN-B+) gliders. I’m looking forward to testing the new STEP glider ! Turkey is going to be amazing and I count on showing you everything about this trip soon !

The final rankings of the 2018 Acro World Tour also includes team pilots Théo de Blic (2nd place) and Tim Alongi (6th place) ! Congrats guys !