Once upon a time…

… Pierre Bouilloux who started as a hang gliding instructor in 1979, decided then, to purchase his first sewing machine. The goal was to improve his passengers seating comfort as they sometimes were close to loosing consciousness due to highly restricting compression areas on various parts of their body…

Shortly after, he started fabricating his own school harnesses to eventually be commercialized. As a result, Pierre and his wife, turned their downtown Annecy apartment into a production shop for the following five years.

-The first products labeled with the “Sup’Air” logo, dated as early as 1982: we are now celebrating the brand’s 30 year anniversary!

-1985 sees the arrival of the first mass produced paragliding harnesses on the market from a new manufacturing facility.

-1988 Supair invents the first harness with an integrated dorsal reserve parachute container.

-In the early nineties, Supair develops the first self-locking quick-release leg and chest-strap buckles specially designed for paragliding.

The various stages included the initial idea, concept drawings, development, production in partnership with a specialized commercial outfit from the Haute Savoie region.

-Pierre becomes French paragliding champion from 1990 to 1994, and brakes a few FAI world triangle race records. He also undertakes a series of «Hike and Fly» treks across the Alps as one of the precursors for this kind of event. Not to stay idle after the quick-release buckles introduction to the public, Supair invents the first «Safe-T» strap system.

-In 1992 the first ABS concept (Anti Balancing System) is introduced enhancing the harnesses safety and stability levels. The entire nineties period takes a huge leap forward in an effort to developing active dorsal protection systems. Supair invents the first harness with an integrated Airbag device.The subsequent years after the turn of the century, saw Supair changing gear to target the international markets.

– 2007 brings the arrival of the “Team Acro”.

– 2012 Supair unveils a totally new harness concept with an integrated paraglider jettisoning system taken over by a steerable reserve parachute «BASE System».

– In 2014 Supair launches itself into paragliding wing manufacturing and produces the first tandem glider SORA.
– In 2015, the ENOA ( Certified EN-A ), and the EIKO ( light mountain wing ), first Supair solo wings are unveiled.

Supair’s philosophy

Supair is characterized by the collective passion of a team and a continually updated desire to develop exciting products for free flying. The Supair brand is recognized and well known around the world as a specialist in Paragliding (PG) and Powered Paragliding (PPG) harness design among other free flying related activities.

During the past year Supair has also been developing paragliding wings. An exciting challenge for the team growing around this new profession. The feedback given by professionals about our tandem wing (the SORA), is a first step toward excellence! The adventure continues with the release of our school wings (the EONA), and many more designs to come.

At the heart of our trade’s history is the development of harness design to offer ever more mature and innovative products, while always emphasizing its importance toward fun flying and pilot safety.

The Supair quality and responsive commitment are due to the proximity of manufacturing partners and raw material suppliers, most of which are French or located in other European countries. All Supair harnesses are manufactured in Europe and our product line distributed through a professionals passionate dealer network.

Supair is a constantly evolving team, projecting human values, innovation and quality to support you in your passion.

Good flights!