In this series we will introduce some pilots that we have a special relationship with so you can get to know them. This one will be dedicated to Charlie Ormond!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

CO : My name is Charlie Ormond, I am 17 years old and I live in Le Grand Bornand. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I am really into sliding sports such as free-skiing, mountain biking as well as paragliding. I love the fact that they give me a different outlook on nature.

When and how did you learn paragliding ?

CO : My father used to take us on tandem flights my sister and I when we were around 5 years old. Then we started with a lot of groundhandling sessions and eventually I took a proper paragliding course in July 2018 with Airlinks when I was 15. From then on, my father became kind of an instructor and helps me develop into a better pilot.

What is your kind of paragliding ?

CO : It is all about learning and progressing at the moment. More specifically XC flying and getting better in transitions and improving my positioning in the air mass…

Could you share an interesting paragliding memory with us ?

CO : I’ve got a lot of good memories but some of them quickly come to mind: flying at sunset near the Lachat (Grand-Bornand) and at the eagle’s nest in Morocco. But my fondest memory would be my first XC flight in July 2019, from the Grand-Bornand to the “Col des Aravis” before coming back. It was very special because the mountain chain and the sailplanes flying around me made me feel like I was in a high mountain setting.

What are your upcoming projects ?

CO : I would love to fly in other countries, get some good XC flights and try all different kinds of paragliding practices. As I am passionate about skiing, I really want to blend it with paragliding (combos like in the movie “Alchimie”). Paragliding aside, I would like to improve my skills regarding videography. I am currently enrolled in a film and video studies class in high school and want to further my education in that regard.

You can find me on Instagram : @charlie.ormond !