Neoprene adaptable cocoon ( Speed-Bag ) for pre-equipped harnesses only.

Wind-proof protection.
Improves the harness aerodynamics.

Weight : 900g

Color : Black

Sizes : S, M, L




Cocoon housing system with two large folding flaps closing with quick release snaps.
Elastic recoil system to keep the foot-rest out of the way during takeoff and landing.
Easy accelerator access via the line guiding system for effortless foot activation.
Length and carbon fiber foot-plate angle adjustment.
Quick and easy connection to the harness with straps and quick release metal buckles.

Available models :
– Quo Vadis Speed-Bag.
– Shamane and EVO XC² Speed-Bag.
– Altirando XP and Hybrid Speed-Bag.
– Vamp Speed-Bag ( made on order ).



What is the Speedbag “line guiding system” ?

It is a long nylon rectangular fabric piece enabling the Speedbag’s length adjustments. It is kept under tension while keeping the accelerator in close proximity to the pilot’s feet for easy access when back pedaling.