Although not yet completed, Théo de Blic’s season has already been a success. Latest victory to date : the Acro World Paragliding Tour, a childhood dream for Théo, who recall this last event and his flying season:

Could you tell us a bit about how this competition unfolded and ended with your title?

The last round of the World Cup was one of the strangest competitions of my career; indeed I arrived at this competition lagging 3 points behind the first ranking pilot, which was a significant handicap. Additionally, the competition started poorly as I found myself with a very low score after the very first run; it was well below my expectations which further distanced me from the first place. In thoughts, it looked bad for any wining chance, and I took the decision to no longer obsess about the ranking, and try to have fun with each performance instead. In the end it was a totally paying strategy because flying without pressure allowed me to gradually accumulated good runs while my direct competitors fell victims to it and stacked up low scores, so much so that by the evening before the final run, I found myself with only 0.1 points behind the leader: Tim Alongi. I only had to play strategically because I took off last before last (due to my overall standing in the competition). I saw once more that they became victims of the building pressure to perform well; they made mistakes, so I only had to give a solid performance for my last run to take first place after four days competing through an intense event; this really was a nice conclusion!

How did you live this victory, only two weeks after winning at the Acro Game?

The victory during the Acro Game already had left a strong impression on me because it was the second consecutive win this year, and it was also my main objective of the season. The Acro Game is world famous and known as the most demanding and technical competition for the pilots, but winning the World Cup was above all my dream as a kid; it was something I wondered about when I was 10 years old, thinking it could never happen to me, but just the thought of it motivated me since I had reached a higher level. That was my ultimate goal, and its realization after all those years of work was just incredible; I am still having a hard time believing it!

Can you tell us about your SUPAIR equipment?

I use all kinds of SUPAIR products throughout the year for all my activities, from the reserve parachute to the harness and accessories. I fully trust SUPAIR when it comes to providing me with the best and latest gear. I know that I will always have a flawless product to rely on that will accompany me everywhere. More specifically for acro, I use an Acro3 size M with a secondary Fluid rescue parachute. The Acro3 was my first acro harness and it never disappointed me, it remains today the reference in that category, and honestly, I do not see myself flying with another product. I have been using the Fluid reserve parachute since last year and it is the perfect backup safety accessory to carry onboard, because it has all the important characteristics a rescue chute should have (fast opening speed, slow sink rate, low pendulum effect) and particularly for a secondary system, because it is my last chance and I need this last chance to be extremely reliable!

How did the Acro Show in Villeneuve work out for you?

The Acro Show was not as outstanding, and I must admit that after my Acro World Tour victory, I went to Villeneuve without pressure since my season had already been successful to me in my view. The Acro Show is clearly a competition where you have to have fun so, it was with this state of mind that I went there. Unfortunately in the quarter-finals, I was once again competing against Tim Alongi, who happened to also be my roommate. I feel like we spent the year fighting one against the other. During the French championships he took the first place on the last day during the Acro Game, and then I eliminated him in the quarter-finals during the Acro World Tour where I took the first place in the last run. In truth, during this season, it felt like it was the only thing I was doing, so it was in a final twist of fate that I found myself once more in the quarter finals against him. This time, he had the upper hand and flew better than I did to eliminated me. To be honest, considering that we are really good friends I prefer to be eliminated by him, in any case, I can’t be mad at him ...