Full of optimism and determination, SUPAIR is entering a new phase with a new logo and a new motto: « Life is in the air ».

SUPAIR will always be associated with Pierre BOUILLOUX’s exceptional personality. But life goes on and the business, which he set up in 1982, is experiencing a revival by entering a new development cycle.

For this purpose, SUPAIR is adopting a new logo with a more fluid design and a more contemporary typography. The white rounded and stylized shapes can either represent, as you prefer, two paragliders wheeling in the sky, or the symbol of the two flagship products: the harness and the glider. The apostrophe disappears in order to facilitate the reading of the word SUPAIR. As for the motto « LIFE IS IN THE AIR », it’s both a reference and the expression of the passion linked to our sport.

The logo and its motto are very refined and show the increasingly upmarket image of the brand. They are supported by a voluntary strategy, characterised by the development of new products, the strengthening of research and development, the contribution of new designers and the increase of our production capacities.

Your SUPAIR team

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