9 SUPAIR athletes competing in the Red Bull X-Alps !

The race is on and SUPAIR pilots are giving everything they've got !

Adventurers are battling hard to get to the seven turnpoints and striding towards the peaks to finally benefit from the sunny spells and be able to fly across the Alps.

Amongst the 32 challengers, 9 will be using SUPAIR gear (glider and/or harness, backpack, helmet) : Benoit OUTTERS (FRA4), Tom DE DORLODOT (BEL), Michal GIERLACH (POL), David LIANO (MEX), Duncan KOTZE (RSA), Gaspard PETIOT (FRA2), Gavin MC CLURG (USA1), Mitch RILEY (USA3) and Claudio Heidel SCHEMBERGER (ARG).

You can catch a glimpse of live action on the X-Alps website, as well as our Facebook page where we'll post pictures and reports on our athletes' performance thanks to our reporter Nicolas Assael !

Our R&D team specially developed 2 products for the race : the WILD glider and the STRIKE X-Alps harness that the athletes will use throughout the race !

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