Explore new frontiers with our EN-C glider SAVAGE !

A light glider to move far and fast : at 15m/s stepping on the bar or at 3m/s pushing on the hiking poles. It is very stable around the pitch and roll axis at speed and enables the pilot to soar the ridge with efficiency. A usable low-speed range is available to land in altitude. Taking off again is a breeze. On the SAVAGE we put a good effort in making sure that all sizes through the range (from XS to ML) offer similar performance levels.

Whether you endeavour to cross the Alps northwards, fly over the flats of South Africa, go on an Himalayan vol-biv, start in competitive XC or land on the summit of Mont-Blanc, the SAVAGE is up to the task. ast and safe, it has been picked by Supair's R&D team pilots as their personal glider for 2020.

Find the technical details here : SAVAGE