In this series we will introduce some pilots that we have a special relationship with so you can get to know them. Time for Benoit Outters to get a proper introduction!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

BO : I’m 29 years old and grew up in the hinterland of Nice and I will undoubtedly never leave this place ! I am currently a professional firefighter, a job I love and which allows me to have some spare time to fly and train.

When and how did you learn paragliding ?

BO : I’ve always been fascinated by paragliding but at the time I thought it was only for a certain “elite”. Something clicked in 2013 when my friend Tom Remi (who was with me during my 2019 X-Alps) called me to tell me about one of his first 100-km XC flight. It was 11pm when he called me and was still walking around in the mountains after landing. That’s when I grasped the opportunities that paragliding can offer. A week later, it was on ! I even bought my gear before starting my paragliding tuition course. I learnt the ropes thanks to Jean Vincent Ducrocq on the Saint-Vallier site and quickly began cross-country flying.

How would you describe "your" paragliding ?

BO : In my opinion XC flying is the ultimate flying experience. Nothing gives me more pleasure than flying across the most beautiful summits of the Alps !

Could you share an interesting paragliding memory with us ?

BO : So many come to mind but my last flight to Monaco during the 2017 X-Alps must be among the best. After a particularly tough race (more than 200kms in 48 hours by foot), it was magical to find myself in familiar ground and glide to the finish line.

What are your upcoming projects ?

BO : I am currently working on a house, it’s a lot of work but I’m learning a lot and it’s a great feeling to do things by yourself. As for paragliding, I would love to participate in the next X-Alps edition. It’s such an unusual race that it needs a lot of training and preparation. This summer we also planned a "vol-biv" with my wife in the Alps.