« La montagne j’adore j’adhère » is collective of 5 young mountain enthusiasts keen on mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing as well as paragliding for 3 of them : Pierre Fornes, Aristide Berthelot and Paul Chavannes. Pierre talks us through what paragliding means to them.

When and how did you learn paragliding ?

PF : We learnt the ropes around 2 years ago with the paragliding school Vol’Aime, located near Font-Romeu. The instructors have known us since we were children and remained involved in our paragliding progression even after the tuition course.

How would you describe "your" paragliding ?

PF : We are mainly involved in para-alpinism but Paul is getting into speed-riding while Aristide and myself would prefer thermal flying. We try to diversify as much as possible in order to be completely autonomous depending on our upcoming projects : bivy, speed-riding, cross-country, para-alpinism.

Could you share an interesting paragliding memory with us ?

PF : A flight in Montserrat was remarkable. We took off from the Gorro Frigio summit, which is a 200-m conglomerate monolith. The climbing route to the take-off was incredible as well : an “old-school” route with 6-mm anchor points every 10m.

The Gorro Frigio summit is a suspended platform, not a lot of width and length but enough to take-off. After a magical launch, we had amazing flying conditions allowing us to fly around an hour while crossing the mountain massif. We then cycled back to our car from the landing.

What are your upcoming projects ?

PF : We are working on a mountaineering journey across the Pyrenees and paragliding, when possible, during the whole trip. Ideally in the end of summer, depending on the current travel limitations in France & Spain due to the Coronavirus.

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